Elegance comes with age. This chocolate is aged up to two years! A layered flavour profile is achieved by blending chocolate of different aging stages. 


Tasting Notes

Profound yet mild chocolate, with aromas of flowers, distinctive flavour impressions of dried grapes, rustic tones of sandalwood and the typical deep Indonesian chocolate flavour. 


Single Origin & Direct Trade Chocolate

The cacao beans from this bar come from one small farmer collective (Marga Utama Farmers) of around 10 farmers, in the Tabanan region of Bali.

Using beans from only one small region or one plantation (single origin), ensures a premium and unique taste. Just like coffee and wine, chocolate is at it's absolute best, when made from single origin cacao beans. 
This also ensures transparent trade, which is hard to find in regular chocolate, and why so many regular chocolates are linked to (child) slavery. Buying direct trade chocolate means there are no more than 2 persons between the cacao farmer and the shop.


Short lines = no slavery = the best chocolate!


The guys behind Heinde & Verre

Inside every package are 2 bars! One for now, and one for later ;)

When you open the package you see a photo of the two chocolate makers: Ewald & Jan Willem. They make very fine bean-to-bar chocolates: single origin dark chocolate, untill 100%, but also have a white and milk chocolate bar.


Nice note: the beet sugar used for this bar comes from the Netherlands.


  • Made in Holland
  • Brought to us by bike!
  • 71% cacao
  • Small batches, unique chocolate
  • Made with Dutch beet sugar
  • Vegan / dairy-free


Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, beet sugar, natural sunflower lecithine


Net weight: 70 gr. (2x35)

NEW! Aged Noble Bali - 71% dark chocolate

€ 5,90Prijs

Single Origin Chocolate  I  Direct Trade Chocolate


Mostly Vegan  I  Sugar Free Options  I  Allergen Friendly   

   & Home Made Chocolate


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