Creamy milk chocolate, with no added sugar

The best way to start with healthy chocolate! If a 100% cacao bar is just a bit 'too much' for you, try out the Shadow milk bar.

Personally I don't miss the sugar in this bar. The chocolate is nice creamy, dark and light at the same time.


  • 75% cacao
  • Sugar free
  • Bean-to-bar
  • Family owned business
  • Award winner


Georgia Ramon

The name comes from the couple who makes the chocolate: Georg Bernardini and Ramona Gustmann. In 2017 they won 8 awards at the prestigious Academy of Chocolate, not only for their chocolates, but also for the beautiful packages. 


Ingredients: cacao beans, whole milk powder (25%), cacao butter


Net weight: 50 gr.

Shadowmilk - milk chocolate without sugar

€ 5,90Prijs

Single Origin Chocolate  I  Direct Trade Chocolate


Mostly Vegan  I  Sugar Free Options  I  Allergen Friendly   

   & Home Made Chocolate


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